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User Licenses Agreements for Phonon and PhononA Softwares

20 September 2017

The Phonon and PhononA Softwares are protected by copyright laws. The Softwares are owned by Krzysztof Parlinski. Phonon and PhononA Softwares are licensed, not sold. The original algoritms used in Phonon and PhononA Softwares cannot be implemented to, or integrated with other programs without a written permision of the owner. The License states that Phonon and PhononA may only be installed on a single computer at any one time for Users within the same Research Group of the same Institution. Customer may not transfer the Software to another Group, or Institution. Phonon and PhononA Softwares can only be copied for back-up purposes. The executable code files may not be modified in any manner whatsoever. It is not permitted to reverse-engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the Softwares. In no event we are liable for any loss or anticipated profits or any other direct or indirect damages. We decline any liability for the Softwares and any responsibility for the results of calculations produced with the programs. Maintenance service for the softwares and support for installation and implementation is not provided. It is expect that the Softwares will be running on the indicated platforms. Phonon and PhononA Softwares may not be used on Computer Clusters and/or in Computer Centers. We reserve the right to revise the Phonon or PhononA with no obligation to notify anybody. The source code is not provided. The Phonon and PhononA Software releases are exclusively licensed to non-profit academic research. The Softwares are delivered including a hardware Security Key, which must know either temporary or unlimited password (perpetual). Malfunctioned Security Key could be exchanged. Lost, damaged, etc. Security Key cannot be replaced.

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